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Remodeling in Andorra that escoles a Madagascar

Constructora Al Quadrat collaborates with the NGO Bel Avenir (counterpart of Associació Aigua de CocoAndorra in Madagascar) in its schooling campaign for this 2021-2022 academic year.

Thanks to our clients, the reforms we have carried out this year in Andorra have generated an amount that will allow the remodeling of a school classroom of the NGO Bel Avenir in Madagascar.

Constructora Al Quadrat reforma escola Madagascar
Escola ONG Bel Avenir Madagascar

This donation will rehabilitate an entire school classroom in Tsingoritelo, a small town 15 kilometers from Toliara, southwestern Madagascar. The area is a protected area where the Government of Andorra, together with Associació Aigua de Coco Andorra, has already carried out a project to reforest mangroves and raise environmental awareness among the local population.

Constructora Al Quadrat reforma escola Madagascar

Every year, the NGO Bel Avenir conducts a schooling campaign to provide access to education and the necessary materials for thousands of children in Madagascar.

The rehabilitation in which we collaborate from Constructora Al Quadrat will allow that classroom to be useful to receive an education in dignified and safe conditions. Thus, it will carry out rehabilitation tasks for doors, windows, roofs, tables, seats and paint.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our way of doing things as it has been essential to carry out this collaboration which we hope to continue to offer next year. We also thank the Coconut Water Association for letting us be part of this initiative and congratulate them on their work in Madagascar. We hope that our help will facilitate access to education for the children of Tsingoritelo and we encourage other companies in Andorra to join one of the campaigns that the Agua de Coco Foundation carries out on the African island.

Reforms in Andorra that reform schools in Madagascar.

Constructora Al Quadrat reforma escola Madagascar
Alumnes de l’escola de l’ONG Bel Avenir a Madagascar

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